About Us

The perception exists that government agencies cannot compete with the private sector when it comes to efficiency, competitiveness, innovation and responsiveness. It is the Mission of The ARG Group LLC to lead the offensive to destroy these perceptions.

Whether it is the sale and distribution of tactical equipment, medical supplies or logistics related projects domestically or abroad, the same “sense of urgency” is what motivates us to exceed the expectations in government contracting and therefore set the bar higher for ourselves and competitors.

Owned and operated by veterans, The ARG Group LLC has a wide reach into the defense industry to provide almost anything needed.  Many of the products we can get are not listed here as they may be ITAR controlled, or even products that just can't be sold to the public.  From night vision and thermal, to boots, helmets, knives and even jet skis (a small SOF entity needed them) we never say no first.  We prefer look into it first.  

If you are a government entity and have a need, please send us a message either via our contact us page or an email at arg@thearggroup.com.